How To Double , Triple And Even Quadruple Your Muscle Mass And Strength Gains In Just 18 Short Weeks!


"How To Get As HUGE As Humanly Possible In Just  A Few Short Weeks ...Naturally, Safely  And Super Fast...Without Supplements , Drugs Or Expensive Exercise Equipment!"

Discover How To Build Dense Ripped Muscle Mass And Raw-Brute Strength Without Interruption, Guesswork Or Frustration...And Explode To Never-Before- Imagined Levels Of Inhuman Strength And Freaky Size...

Best Part : This Unconventional- bodybuilding training secret will radically change the way you train for ultra lean monster muscle mass & strength allowing you to pile on shredded slabs of rock hard lean muscle on your body Without LET UP or EXCUSES Plus you are going to learn how to Easily and Quickly use these proven scientific training secrets to completely transform your body in as little as 18 weeks!Guaranteed!

Jack Deaner
London, Ontario
12:00 am Monday

"I Have To Get This Off My Chest Before I Explode!!"

Hi, My name is Jack Deaner and if you ever dreamed about putting on wicked size and raw bending strength of steel ...if you've ever wondered what it is like to build inhuman strength like a hydraulic press machine gone wild...if you have ever imagined being super shredded...if you ever desired the kind of admiring public (and private) affection giving to guys with Greek statue bodies ...And if you are finally ready to get as huge as Humanly possible, regardless of how much of a hard gainer you think you are, or regardless of how many "Weight Gain" programs you may have tried and failed in the past...then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why:

By the time you finish reading this special report, you will know exactly how to flick on the "Switch" to fast and uninterrupted muscle growth. You will know how to coax your body into producing Monstrous and sustained workout-by-workout increases in mind-boggling muscle mass and strength gains-that is literally going to make your friends and gym buddies burn with envy when they witness first hand your astounding rate of muscle growth development.

And you will banish any doubts you ever had or ever will have about your ability to pack on slabs of dense ripped muscles mass and brute strength. -Putting you on a "Turbo charged rocket" ride to your full genetic muscular potential in just a few short intense months.

Ok, I know you are skeptical-after all who wouldn't be? After all, we hear such ridiculous claims coming from "weight gain" supplements ads and muscle magazines that just don't deliver on the promises they make. But I can assure you this training system is different, far different because:

1. It Opens Your Body's "Flood Gates" of Massive Growth-Allowing you to gain monstrous muscle mass at an accelerated and consistent pace WHICH will allow you to grow at your Maximum Adaptation Response Rateallowing you to reach you Full Genetic Potential in Muscle and Mass and Strength in just a few short intense weeks.

2. It is based of science and not conjecture. This is not some theory made by some "Expert out there" It has been tested and researched by prominent scientist and it has taken over 12 years of "Blood and Guts" test training and experimenting to make sure that it works.

3. It is the only program that makes use of the 12 Adaptative Response units of the Body which when activated naturally "coaxes" your body to allow super and non-stop gains in muscle mass and strength.

4. Allows super and automatic recovery to take place since you will be in and out of the gym in just 30 minutes 2-4 times a week which means you will have ample time to have a super hot social life whiles getting as huge and as ripped as humanly possible

5. It triggers and regulates the production of potent anabolic GH which will flood your body with potent anabolic hormones that will give you permanent muscle gains, melt body fat, strengthen tendons and charge up your sex life. In fact, it is the only proven way to remedy lousy genes!

6. Plus you are going to get a chance to.


Try This Breakthrough Training Technology Absolutely Risk Free!

              How to gain lean ripped mass


One look at Dallas' body and you think it is steroids, but the truth is Dallas has never taken drugs before, nor does he use any supplements or have any fancy gym equipment , his gains are the results of the secrets training techniques in the Massive Growth Program!

Listen, as a bodybuilder your want massive size and strength and you want it now! you want to be able to put on mass without excuses or let up! You want size gains that make your friends jaws drop with astonishment ... want to have the biggest chest , the biggest arms, plus you want to blow everyone away with your muscularity and symmetry and you want that ultra shredded look that makes women lust over your physical beauty!

However with this training technology you are not only going to get massive in such a short breathtaking amount of time but you are going to get insanely strong and brutally powerful as well, building dense thick muscles that others can only dream about!

Plus you will have the ability to regulate your own muscle gains, so you can attain any level of physical development and size you want-just like a thermometer. And the best part of it all is that you will be done working out whiles your "gym rat" buddies are only just getting started with their "old fashioned" and inefficient workout routines. But most important of all this training system is going to...

Slam Slabs Of Rock Hard Dense Muscle On Your Body...
Allowing You To Reach Your Maximum Genetic Potential in Just 4 short Brutally Intense Months!

What's more you get to try this program risk free- because I am so confident that we have found the key to uninterrupted muscle growth that I am actually going to pay you if you should fail(which is very unlikely) ...more on that later...but now...

I know this sound too good to be true, trust me I felt the same way. Having tried and tested over 328 programs over 12 years I know all the claims and I have being taken for a fool well over 328 times so please lend me your ear and trust for I am here to tell you the honest-to God truth...

First let me tell you who I am and why I am qualified to make these statements. I am a nationally known personal trainer in both Africa and Canada. I have spent over 150,000 man-hours researching and traveling the globe in search of the answer to certain and predictable muscle growth.

Clients pay me as much as $600 a training session that barely last more than 30 minutes-all because I deliver results and I deliver them with precision and certainty-without fail. When it comes to building muscle mass and strength, power, and monstrous muscle mass I know how to generate results for my clients. And the reason why I can deliver on my promises is because of ...

10 Weeks Of Intense Training And "Blood and Guts" Experimentation That Changed My Life And The Way I Would Train To Gain Weight Forever!

Let me explain:

During my travels around the globe in search for the "Key to muscle growth" I stopped in Ghana, west Africa for a visit to a local bodybuilding symposium-where bodybuilders from West Africa would gather and meet to share their training secrets and knowledge...And what I learn 't changed by life and my body forever...

...Coming from a first world country, I thought I knew it all, after we have the best nutrition, gym equipment and supplements. But what I learn 't in that bodybuilding symposium, I had never heard or seen in the bodybuilding world before. In fact the whole system seemed irrational to me at that time and went against everything I knew or believed about building muscle.

Listen, I have tried and tested in the lab and at the gym, all the training routines available to us in North America, Germany , Russia and even Bulgaria , yet not one of them was able to give me that sudden and massive transformation that I have always being seeking.

...None of them delivered consistent clock like work results, where all you had to do was follow a set of simple instructions and your body would slide into anabolic overdrive which would suddenly allow your muscles to blow up suddenly with ripped and striated muscle mass gains. Gains that I always knew your body was well capable of achieving!

What I learned in Africa destroyed my every belief and knowledge that I held dear in bodybuilding, every single one of those principles hailed in muscle magazines as the end-all-and-be-all of building lean muscle mass-was thrown out of the window.

... I did not want to believe, I could not phantom the idea that my 12 years of gathering knowledge was an utter and complete waste of my time and money. But what I saw in muscle mass development and strength development in Africa forced me to believe. I mean...

''I could not Believe What They Were Doing to Build Shredded Lean Muscle Mass And Strength!"

The proof was right before me, each one of these athletes that used this training system was as huge as the natural body could genetically endure and ripped to the bone. They had mass, knotted with symmetry and vascularity that just sang disbelief into my ear! I thought of drugs immediately!

And plenty of it- for there is no way that the human body can get so well developed and so well chiseled without drugs!(so I thought!) But it was not drugs (because these guys could barely afford to eat well, let alone have the luxury of drugs)...

...And what makes this training system even more astounding! Is the fact that all these athletes really had no real gym equipment to use!

They used car shafts for barbells, rotten wood tables for benches and a cranky old pulley system made with rope for their pulley machine. Furthermore their nutritional habits would starve the majority of us in North America but their gains BLEW and DEFIED logic as I knew it when applied to bodybuilding! And I know for a fact because I tried it on myself and it blows away every other program i have tried before.

Yes, I was a guinea pig and since I was a hard gainer (who gained 8lbs of muscle in a 12 year period) I figured that if this worked on me, then it would work on you or anyone else who gave it an honest shotand I was more than willing to put my body to the test because I so desired to get massive size.

And I am pleased to say that it blows away any conventional bodybuilding routine by miles. In fact any hard gainer who uses this program will dramatically transform their bodies in just 18 weeks without fail-without excuse or let up!

And I am not talking about gaining just some measly 10lbs of muscle. No! i am talking about massive, body changing mass gaining results -the kind of fast muscle growth that gets the opposite sex to turn heads and stare at you and the kind that gets your buddies astounded by your rate of growth that they are literally have to accuse you of shooting up juice..

I am talking about jaw breaking transformation-I am talking about freakish MUSCLE mass gains-I m not talking about getting just big and fat, I am talking about gaining 20-30lbs of rock-hard, ripped to the bone muscle mass with paper thin tight muscle definition in just a few short intense months. I am talking about adding 1-2 inches on your chest, having barn door wide shoulders, a back that is big enough to draw a road map on , adding slabs of pec meat to your chest...

...I am talking about ripped pillars for legs and calves shaped like diamonds that are shredded and ripped beyond belief. I am talking about gaining enough dense muscle mass that will ensure that you...

Blast Through Your Present Training Rut and Force You To Out-Grow Your Present Wardrobe...

And this is true no matter how many programs you have tried in the past and is true no matter how "Advanced of a bodybuilder you are" or how young or old you are...and this is because this never-before-revealed training technique is based on scientific proven factors which manipulate your innate natural adaptative mechanism of your body that will ensure mind shattering gains in muscle mass and strength.

I Put It To The Test On Myself and Any Willing athlete That Was Willing to Learn

I selected skinny guys, guys who lived and trained in the most dire of environments, guys with no supplements, no real gym equipment and no genetic advantage and each and every one of them gained a minimum of 23lbs of pure muscle(take a look at the testimonial card that came with this letter-in it you will find a handful of proof)...And as for me I consider myself a hard gainer of the rarest kind, it took a lot just to gain my first 8lbs of muscle (12 years to be exact) and after 4 months of trying this "Secret Training System." I exploded with over 29lbs of solid lean muscle tissue...

...My strength shot up to the those 3 months I also tore down my training plateau (where I had been stuck at for years) and my strength shot up like a wild fireworks display.

I gained 75lbs on the bench press in that time and even more astonishingly I gained 120lbs on the squat and with that came slabs of dense striated pec meat that moved like piano keys each time I moved my chest , plus I turned my once skinny legs into legs of such thickness, size and definition,- that got me wearing shorts on a daily basis.(something I hated doing in the past).

I experienced this Massive Growth first hand and even to this day I occasionally pinch myself to see if this is not all a dream!...but it is real, very real and I want to show you how to enjoy all these benefits in as early as 3 months starting on the very day you receive your manual.

In As Little As 18 weeks You Will Stand A Completely Transformed Massive Monster!

And this has everything to do with you! Why? For one, you deserve these gains, you have suffered long and hard, training long and hard without success, you've tried every program in existence only to fail and you have followed "weight gain diets" that literally made you full and sick to the stomach and it is time to start making gains that will blow your mind off...Just imagine 20lbs of raw muscle put in all the right places on your body...that is a lot of muscle you could have with this information! Second it is so simple to apply and use that you can use the same exercises you use now- "tweak it a bit" and instantly you will be making

"Up To 10 Times More Mind Shattering Gains In Muscle Size And Strength... In Just A Fraction Of The Time It Takes To Complete A Regular Unproductive Workout"

Now listen, it does not matter how hard you think you train, or how skinny or fat you are, it does not matter if you have tried every program in existence or believe yourself to have the worst genes in this planet, even if you think you have decent levels of strength and muscle mass already...I want to show you the secrets I learnt that will allow you to generate...

...Explosive Massive Muscle Growth That Will Have Your Friends And Family Accusing You Of Taking Drugs!

...IN FACT IN JUST 18 WEEKS you will stand transformed with as little as 2 workouts a week ( at 30 minutes a workout)...What I am saying is that in just a few short months...

You Will Blast Through To Your Full Genetic Muscular Potential!!! Without Confusion, Frustration or Failure!

Sounds impossible? It is not! Indeed although I "Accidentally" discovered this training technology in Africa, every aspect of it has been verified and tested by independent researchers and scientist and it is all based on the latest science training technology-And with your permission, I will show you how to use it to unleash Your Full genetic muscular and strength potential...

With this system you will no longer have to use "Trial and error" routines found in magazines or hope or wish for results-just like I did for 12 years. Instead, you will know with scientific precision how to stimulate and grow huge muscle mass and strength ...and do it lightning fast and without anymore effort than you currently use on your current routine ...It is like having a the map to...

"Monstrous Uninterrupted Muscle Growth!"

Listen, if you are like most bodybuilders you try just about every "fad" routine you can find in any magazine to get some measure of results-but nothing dramatic ever happens and the chances of finding the routine that delivers consistent workout-by-workout gains in muscle mass and strength is next to impossible! Why?

Because these routines are not based on any scientific reasoning, they are designed by juiced up professionals or genetic freaks that would grow regardless of how bad their routines are,(that would be like getting advice on how to fight from an action hero actor rather than a real street fighter)...

...furthermore these routines that you are currently using, will not produce the massive gains you want because they do not make use off or manipulate all of the 12 adaptation factors discovered and verified by scientist to deliver awesome and dramatic gains in muscle mass and brute strength.

Indeed some old fashioned routines may thread on a few of these principles unknowingly and that may give you a sudden spurt of growth - but it would be short-lived and temporary at best! -You would have no idea what factor was actually responsible for your growth.

Science and our tests have proven time and time gains that for consistent gains in size and strength to occur these 12 adaptation factors have to be in place before Automatic and sustained muscular growth takes place-the kind of growth that turns pencil necks into massive hunks in a few short weeks!

If you do not manipulate these adaptation factors you would be literally be training in the dark. In fact 99.3% of all bodybuilders at your gym have not a clue how to CONSISTENTLY stimulate gains in muscle mass- all their gains are based on luck and "trial and error." However by using this information, you and you alone will have the knowledge to turn on your "tap" to sustained and predictable muscle growth. Imagine having the ability and knowledge to smash through any training plateau and...

Add Layer Upon Layer Of Dense Rock Hard Muscle.

Imagine knowing with absolute certainty how much heavier and muscular you will be in just 18 short weeks-it is unreal until you actually try it and experience it first hand- and you will because these 12 adaptation factors are scientifically proven to be the elements necessary to create an anabolic environment that allows for dramatic and fast muscle growth.

Now if you want to stop toying around with mediocre results and routines that just don't work, and if you would like to stop wishing and hoping for dramatic results and if you want mass that grabs positive attention from the opposite sex and the general public alike and get strength and size that will scare the living hell of your training partners-then this system will make it happen without fail...

...let me put it another way-if you weight 130lbs soaking wet in just 18 weeks you will weight 140-150 lbs-with a thick , dense and ripped massive physique.

So, if you want the body of a Greek statue and chest muscles so ripped and shredded they look like hundreds of iron rods...And if you would like legs that are not only powerful (*capable of lifting weights that defy logic and reason) but massive and defined as well...then you must give this Massive Growth system a try to achieve your dream body!

Fact remains that the routine you are currently using are just giving you maybe 30% more muscle mass than an inactive untrained man. But with the Massive Growth system because you are fine tuning the body's anabolic system with a series of precise and calculated training and nutritional you will be reaching and exceeding by 70%, the gains you can expect from an average workout routine.

Imagine that! It means that whiles others are gaining 1/4 of a pound of muscle every two weeks with their old "inefficient routines" you would be gaining at 2-3lbs of rock solid muscle a week.-without any extra effort and using the same old rusty equipment you may have access to.

Here Is How Top Get Your Hands On This Potent Anabolic Producing Information.

Now come to think about it, there is no other way to share these breathtaking and revolutionary techniques with you. (It is not available in bookstores or in libraries). And I can't possibly teach you one on one (although I would love too) because my time is limited, between training my clients and running 3 successful businesses.

So I decide to put all the information I had learned in Africa as well as all the painstaking scientific research I performed on the subject of muscle growth into a crisp, concise manual that contains everything used by the African athletes, myself and as well as the countless thousands that have used this Massive Growth system to pack on dense, ripped muscle mass. I call it the Massive Growth System for obvious reasons...and understand that...

This Training Technology Is New To The World Of North American Bodybuilding!
It Has Never Been Revealed to The General Public until Now!

With my painstaking and "Accidental discovery" I have set up a precise step-by-step map and guide that details the exact routine used by those African athletes and myself to pack on sizzling amount of raw dense beef! This training system manipulates the 12 adaptation factors of your body automatically, so you don't have to worry about "how to do it"or "how to use it" all you have to do is just follow the step-by-step instructions I have clearly laid out for you...and just after 3 weeks on this program

Your Muscle Growth Will completely Astound You. And Your Freaky Muscle Mass Gains Will Force You To Believe All I Have Said And Promised!

...and you are going to have to pinch yourself repeatedly just to make sure this is not all a dreamand it is so because ...

"You'll Get So Big!-So Fast!-Your Own Mother Will Not Recognize You-Guaranteed!

The process is rather simple and automatic-all you have to do is follow the easy and clear instructions and you will set in motion -in your body an anabolic landslide that will literally force your muscles to grow bigger and faster than you ever though possible.

Listen, it is time to get onto the path that will allow you to achieve your genetic muscular potential in just a few short months. It is time to stop hoping and dreaming of being huge and strong of getting the attention from ladies and envious attention from men- I know how you feel- I was once there before.

But the fact is, you will never get massive using "the old fashioned way of training", Which has been tossed around, rewritten and recycled in a heroic but poor attempt to find the answer to fast and dramatic muscle growth.

Understand that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the old way of training for mass and size...and so you should never expect to make astounding gains with the old way of trainingHowever, Massive Growth is different, sure the exercises may be the same as the one you currently use, but the actual system of training has never-been-revealed before.

It is dynamite and powerful information that gives you unparalleled and sustained levels of muscle growth and strength...and in every possible way, it has shattered all the "principles" that govern "old -fashioned" bodybuilding workouts!

And that is why this program is currently sending massive tremor waves across the bodybuilding world-this program is a shock to the bodybuilding status quo and it has made a lot of leading "self acclaimed" experts really worried-because they cannot admit that the old way of training is an epic waste of time for the hard gainer(You) and they still can't argue against the results of the Massive Growth system...

...But most importantly it is making a lot of skinny hard gainers (like you and me) very happy-because finally in just 18 weeks you can finally have the body that you have always desired and wanted and you no longer have to be ignored by the opposite sex and be categorized as weak and frail and unattractive!

Here is how it will work for you:

on the very first week you use this training system you will feel a surge of muscle growth erupt through your body-you will feel fuller and tighter and you will begin to "Feel" and "See" your muscles come alive with more mass and raw brute strength...As you prime your body for the super high intensity workouts that will follow...

... then after the first week will begin to supercharge your body to produce CONSISTENT gains in size and strength... you will grow so fast you workout partners are going to think you are on drugs...and week after week you will pile on your body layer after layer of dense ripped muscle mass...It will be like turning on your body's "tap" to potent muscle growth...that just wont stop... will be amazed at the gains you make because you will have the know how and the map to regulate the amount of growth you actually want to you will no longer ever have to hope for massive muscle gains or depend on "trial and error"routines to pack on slabs of raw triple A beef.

... Just think of what all this just a few short months of predictable, sustained muscle growth and

You Will Have To Take Photos Just To Remember How You Looked Like...

Still it is all automatic and you will not have to study anything or learn any technical details... have mapped out the details you need to know in a few concise pages...which means you can start using it on your very next workout...and in just 18 weeks you will stand with...

"Monstrous Levels Of Muscle Mass Development, Size And Strength!"

We have definitely found the keys to certain and predictable-fast muscle growth. Over 1254 people all over Europe and Africa have tried this program with startling and astounding results. Furthermore because the system is universal in its application and because everyone has identical adaptation mechanisms in their bodies-

it all means that whether you are 15 or 80 years old this system will still work for you unconditionally.

As a beginner it will take you by the hand and show you a step-by-step plan to master the exercises as well as show you how to build that solid neuromuscular and strength foundation that will allow you to skyrocket your gains far and above what your "gym buddies" with their "old -fashioned" routines will ever hope to achieve...

And if you are an older person, this system will strengthen your tendons, bones and create a super surge of GH that is literally going to revitalize your life, slow down aging and super charge your sex life and give you more mass and bone density than no other "older"person can ever hope to achieve.

But there is more that this program will teach.
Here is just a glimpse of the power of this system. You will learn:

  • How to get Maximum Monster gains with as little as two workouts a week. We have actually found the code that will allow you to get maximum gains using just two super intense workouts a week (This means no matter how busy you are you will still be able to pack on slabs of rock hard beef).

  • Reach your upper limits of muscular genetic potential with these "Metabolic shifting" nutritional tricks that easily "Coax" your body into piling layers upon layers of dense rock hard muscle...all without the ugly fat! (Take your muscles to starling new levels of size)

  • You will learn about the 3 adaptation stages of the body and how to activate them for mind-blowing gains. (Once you learn these 3 simple stages you will have the key to stimulating muscle mass gains that just won"t stop.)....You'll learn how to use them to superimpose mass gains un top of mass gains.taking the body to higher and higher levels of strength and muscle mass gains...

  • How to fatigue the deepest, untapped muscle fibers of the body with one simple exercise technique (once you use this simple yet powerful technique you will be able to get up to 30% more muscle stimulation form any workout ...without any extra effort than you are currently expending!)

  • You will learn how to use the amazing ORR repetition technology that gives you up to 70% more gains above an old-fashioned routine. (You will earn the correct repetition schemes that will stimulate every component of your muscle cells..which will pass a hot surge of potent anabolic hormones that will get your muscle jumping with joy just to get bigger and stronger)

  • You will Discover the two adaptation factors that are directly responsible for super fast gains. One of them is just scratched upon by regular routines and the other is never applied, yet together they allow up to 27.5% more muscle mass gains...allowing your body to experience sustained uninterrupted growth...that is sure to transform your in just a few short weeks.

  • How to use our state of the art scientific permanence training technology to boost testosterone levels by as much as 201% and keep it elevated through out the day ...Getting the body to produce bucket loads of natural testosterone is like having an automatic switch for muscle will get lean cut and ripped mass without let up! (no other training program even knows how to do this and yet it alone is responsible for certain and astounding muscle growth.)

  • How to alter training intensities so that your muscle gains superimpose on each other allowing your mass and strength gains to erupt like a vicious massive volcano.( You will pack on monstrous level of muscle mass at super sonic like speed without overtraining and hitting a plateau!)

  • How to use the "drag effect" of muscle growth to ensure that you never hit a training plateau, over 99% of all training routines miss this important scientific principle, yet ignoring it is the fastest way to have your body spiral out of control into chronic overtraining and an everlasting stage of "no gains" (Once you learn this technique you will never over train...because you will know exactly when it shows its ugly head and how to eliminate it)

  • How to use the 3 scientifically proven rep ranges that will not only increase your gains by 5% over conventional program but will triple your rate of muscle recovery... you will be able to return to the gym sooner to add more layers of dense raw beef to your body!

  • Why high intensity low frequency workouts will ROB you of your permanent monster mass gains you should be making! And how to use short but frequent workouts to send a massive power surge of dense thick muscle growth to the body to produce PERMANENT GAINS IN MUSCLE MASS. (You will develop sizzling muscle mass gains that are there to stay)

  • How to easily manipulate the intensity and volume of your workouts that will "coax" your body to develop a favorable anabolic environmentwhich will supercharge your body for complete muscle and energy support system recovery- (This simple technique will keep your enthusiasm sky high which will give you the needed intensity for fast muscle growth.(You will tear up the gym with wild power intensity that is guaranteed to give you brutal beast like strength and massive gains!)

  • Why training more than an hour is not only a waste of time but will cut your gains short...and how to use the right training duration to skyrocket your Growth hormones rates to sky high levels.(You will discover the simple step-by-step routine that takes your body beyond its natural limitations and allow you to become a super size machine)

  • Why the amount of rest between sets is crucial in building razor sharp dense muscle mass(you will learn the "right time" to use which guarantees monstrous size and brutal strength every time you hit the gym!)

  • You will learn the exact rep speed that will booster your muscle cell growth and recruit the most amount of muscle fibers.( You will get all the muscle cells growing together in one great synergistic orchestra of awesome muscle growth!)

  • How to trick your body to produce bucket loads of testosterone in your body that will blast your mass gains into the stratosphere- (giving you gains that just don't stop!)

  • How to use The Maximum Nutrient Saturation diet plan to skyrocket your metabolism off the charts unheard off rates...(so that you will burn body fat just as fast as you build lean muscle mass.)

  • Discover the savagely powerful mega fat that not only gives out twice as many calories as a carbohydrate but also is guaranteed to spare muscle loss and provide all the calories you need for mega fast growth (and it is so cheap and readily available in any health food store(the supplement fat cats will be worried when they realize your know of this super fast muscle building and fat melting secret!)

  • Learn how to use the two types of intensities. One will magnify the metabolic pathways of the muscles by building better capabilities of handling lactic acid so you will recover super fast and pack on solid mass and the other will explode your muscle mass gains into unheard of rates.) Using these two simple intensities together - will transform you from a pencil head geek to a Greek statue.

  • How to amplify your mass gains and metabolic rate by exhausting the muscles for complete growth(you will be able to milk out all the Monster gains from every single repetition your perform) This is one simple African training secret that will keep on piling mass week after week...

  • Why there is a 99.9% chance that the routine you are following right now is less than optimal and how to achieve 70% more gains without any extra effort! You will be training hard and smarter and not necessarily longer! You will get the know how that will radically increase your muscle mass and strength gains.

I could go on and on and fill well over 40 pages with the benefits that this program offers. But don't get scared of all this technical stuff, as I pointed out to you-the manual is all results driven and written so clearly even a child could follow it.

Everything you need to do to achieve these super adaptation effects have been done for you. Fact is, with the Massive Growth System you will get Huge and Strong automatically because:

  1. The anabolic factors have been "coded" and "mapped out" for you-you no longer have to hope for results or try a multitude of programs hoping to get "lucky" with new muscle mass. So all you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step plan and you will get so massive you will have to pinch yourself just to make sure you are not dreaming...
  2. You will see and feel enormous results in as little as two weeks. You will be the judge on how powerful this system is in as little as two weeks!
  3. And best of all you will get the opportunity to completely transform your body in as little as 18 weeks Guaranteed! -Without fail!

The Massive Growth system is a complete muscle and strength development program; it takes you by the hand from the beginning to the end. So even if you have no knowledge about bodybuilding but would still like to get big, huge and ripped muscles, you can still use it and you will still make excellent progress. Everything you ever need to know about building muscle and reaching your full muscular potential is in this manual.

And if you are an advanced bodybuilder-this system will rocket you through your current training plateau...And allow you to outperform and outgrow your last 6 years of training...Plus leave your competition in the dust with new dense rock hard muscle mass- They simply will not be able to stand and compete with you in size, muscle density, definition and strength!

The cost of the Massive growth manual is just $39.99 which is just a fraction of what most bodybuilders spend on a month's dose of ineffective supplements that just don't deliver the promised results...But with this tiny investment you will be making, you will be getting a Fail-Proof and Bullet -Proof way to build Dense Rock Hard Muscles...Plus you will have in your hands the knowledge to produce controlled, sustained and continued spurts of Massive muscle growth without the frustration, disappointment and "Trial and error" routines that are typical with conventional routines

...You and you alone will occupy a space of size, mass and strength unrivaled by your peers and your competition...You will make gains that others cannot even dream off achieving...and you will be the one that gets women reeling for your attention...

...Remember the information in this manual cannot be found in any book, or in any library or muscle magazine. To get just a glimpse of this information you would have to spend tens of thousand of dollars traveling the globe, over 150,000 hours of tiresome research and "Blood and Guts" training experimentation...just to get ...

...1-2 maybe 3 of the Adaptation Muscle Growth Factors Right...

...however by getting this manual at this amazing low can have this manual and all its unique and powerful information for less than the price of a good dinner ...and remember your investment is risk free because for a full year you can get a

100% full money back guarantee on the purchase price.

Yes! I personally guarantee that this training technology will not only work in building Massive size and strength but will exceed each and every one of your expectations by miles...

And I also know that with this kind of offer I will get ripped off...But that is ok if it gives you a chance to try it .Besides I like to believe that people like you and me are good moral people and I know that you will not do anything dishonest, because when you experience and witness for yourself the incredible power of this system. You will fight tooth and nail just to protect this manual from jealous prying hands.

The benefits of using the Massive Growth System are more than physical! Your life will be completely enhanced in every conceivable way. Your relationships with others will flourish with the new confidence you will get! In fact, I absolutely guarantee it. You get an unheard of money back guarantee..

Listen, you don't even have to make a formal commitment now. I want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to invest in this powerful Muscle Mass and Strength Building package. Therefore, I'm willing to Take all The Risk out of trying this revolutionary program by offering the most insane guarantee ever...

...A Full 58 day

Truth is, I get my highs from seeing peoples jaws fall open in astonishment, as they begin to see, consistent increases in strength and muscle mass, after the first few workouts of this program.

But, you might not like that, after all, some people can't afford to constantly buy home gym equipment accessories to match their strength increases. You may think the program too powerful for you to keep up with! And your strength and mass gains might scare the living hell out of your friends, family and peers. You may hate the attention you are getting from the opposite sex!(I dont know how that is possible)

In that case, you can make use my totally unheard off one-of -a kind- Risk FREE -Guarantee. Not matched by any other bodybuilding program!

Here's how it works...

You will have a 100% full-money-back refund at any time up to 58 full days from the date you purchase the program..."you have this refund, at any time and for no reason at all" Other bodybuilding programs offer a small tiny 30 day guarantee. But not me, I am so confident about the Massive Growth system delivering on its promises that I make such a RISK FREE guarantee WITHOUT FEAR or reservation.

I have such confidence, that you'll you will be astounded with the sheer mass building and strength building power of this system. And that, it will triple and quadruple the weight gains you are currently making, that I will refund every penny back if my system does not deliver on its Massive growth promises.

That's right. If you're not trilled and delighted before 58 days, simply ask for your money back and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price!

Why would I make such an outrageous risk free offer?

Listen, I found it extremely difficult to get Huge! I spent 12 years(the first 8 were unproductive) of my life trying all the routines and diets out there and I had nothing to show for it! (I gained 8 lbs after 12 years of diligent training)

Before discovering these revolutionary techniques(and they truly are revolutionary) that I want to share with you, I was lucky to gain one pound of lean muscle mass a year, despite exercising two hours a day, 7 days a week. I was also eating like I was invincible, unconcerned about the harmful effects of all that exercising and force-feeding! I also tried every mass building program, including those that claim that "they found the secret to building muscle mass"

However, after 18 WEEKS using these scientific principles and the techniques in the Massive growth system my body exploded with muscle growth and strength and I lost body fat in the process (I brought my body fat level percentage to 9.89 percent) and I built more muscle and transformed my body! )

And I am an ordinary person and a hard gainer. I have never taken steroids before and never will . I don't have exceptional genes or motivation! I just found a secret system that "forces muscle growth without conditions " And this "secret " is the result of painstaking and expensive research and not just guess work or "trial and error."

Please give me this opportunity to share with you , a precise and unique way to transform your body , allowing you to gain all the mass , strength and weight you need without excuses, supplements and drugs.

Get the edge over your competition and make the best gains ever.

The Massive Growth System comes as a 240 page step-by-step e-book manual, which shows you how to start packing on serious muscle size and strength on a daily basis! The cost of the manual is just $39.99- the cost of a decent meal for two, for a massive growth system that will transform your body in just 18 weeks!

Here is what you need to do get a copy of this powerful Mass producing manual:

Click on the Order "The Massive Growth System Now" link below and you can safely use your credit card on our secure server.It is 100% safe and 100% confidential-safer than using it at your favorite restaurant. Once we get your order , you will be taken to a donwload page where you can download the massive growth manual to your computer , so you can start piling on layers of rock hard muscle onto your body without let up!

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P.S. One more thing and it is extremely important. In my research on what makes Muscle Grow...I came across a "energy generating secret" that is literally responsible for breathtaking results versus just excellent results in and out of the gym and it is called the Mind Factor manual and it is full of never-before-revealed secrets that show you how to tap the deepest muscles fibers of your body using the mind to generate mind-boggling intensity!

Listen, going to the growth zone is absolutely essential for massive muscle transformation. It does not matter what weights, / sets /reps you use-if you dont train past the pain zone you will never get massive results. point is without training in the pain zone. You will not grow. -The pain zone is tough and only hardcore trainers have an innate ability to ignore this pain and propel through to the growth zone and blast right past it!

With that in mind I discovered simple "mental tools" that you can use in a split second that will allow you to blast through the pain zone like a freight train blasting through a misty night...and it works no matter how inexperienced or advanced of a bodybuilder you are .Ensuring that you always get muscle growth stimulation with each and every workout. Imagine having the mental power and "blood and guts" attitude to consistently blast through your workouts-applying maximum intensity each and every set. It is like taking the mind of the top elite bodybuilders and transplanting it into yours ..absolutely and powerfully effective..

... with just a few simple "mental techniques" you will have more adrenaline and power than a ragging bull-allowing you to make mind bogging gains in size and strength each and every workout...all you have to do is

Learn these simple techniques and in just a few minutes you will:

  • Blast through the pain zone-where permanent and sustainable gains are present
  • Gain 20% more strength in a flash just by using the "confidence builder"

These are the same techniques I consistently use to instantly generate up to 30% more strength in a moments notice...And it works even if you have had a bad day at work or you just don't feel like working out-It is quite simply Adrenaline in a jar...Fast and easy to use and it is so valuable to any serious body builder...

...It's so valuable that many bodybuilders have offered me over $250 just for the information contained in this manualHowever there is a slight problem , you see because of the demand and the value of this mind factor system, i will be(in a couple of weeks) publishing it as a separate manual, which means i will not and cannot continue offering this powerful intensity generating program as a FREE bonus for much longer!

So if you want this powerful revolutionary system that is guaranteed to make you at least 20% stronger in an instant!, You must order now! Remember you risk nothing at all, you have a better than Risk FREE offer and your satisfaction is completely GUARANTEED!

The techniques found in the Mind Factor manual will give you an edge that nobody in the gym will even know or dream off attaining,(not even the "experts" know about this technology). Yet it is so powerful and easy to use , you can use it in a few short seconds to shoot up your training intensity through the roof. Which will give you ASTOUNDING  and unheard off levels of size and strength.  So If you want a copy of this (and only a fool would not want it) then you have to order now!

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P.S.S. ‘Give me Just 60 DAYS and I swear I will Show You How To Add SLABS AND SLABS Of DENSE Rock Hard Muscle to you body, USING my controversial and 'never-before-revealed ' "African Massive Growth System …Either It Works For You ...Or else It is Absolutely FREE!”


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P.S.S.S Here is what some people are saying:

"I cant express this feeling inside for i am growing beyond my wildest expectations. i am getting compliments from strangers and friends alike. i am now being called "Big guy" and i get comments like "wow! what are you on ? steroids!" even my own sister made me swear on the Bible that i was not using steroids.. and on that same day i was bouncing at a bar and women would come up to me and touch my muscles and they leave their phone number with me everytime...this is overwhelming...How can one express this feeling i have inside. This feeling of gratitude and admiration in words and juts last night this beautiful girl sends her girlfriend to ask me out on a date ...i feel so confident , i feel so alive because if some one had told me just 4 months ago that in just a few weeks i would stand completely transformed with 20lbs of muscle, i would have called them a nut and laughed....but just by following the maximum nutrient diet and the 18 week program i am living my dream."
Wallace L Henrickson, La Vista, NE

"After Just 6 weeks , i have developed a thickness and density that i never truly believed i was capable of achieving without drugs...10 weeks later and i am twenty one and a half pounds heavier...even more shocking is that my skin fold caliper reading has gone down two percentage points-i am getting leaner and bigger...Send me more bodybuilding information like this ...please!!!"

Roger Walch, Waianae, HI

"Utterly strange and unique, i have never seen anything like this program laughs at over training and defies common bodybuilding principles like the number of reps needed for massive size, but who am i to judge when in just 11 weeks , it has given me 18 lbs of hard lean muscle...your system has made me a true believer will never train the old bodybuilding way again!"
Douglas Hetric, Deerfield Beach, FL

"i have to admit , when i first read the manual i was very skeptical...but i decided to give it a try anyway's ,and in just 5 weeks , i no longer believe i am hardgainer, the results i have achieved have forced me to believe this statement to be true! because since i started using this program by bench press has shot up 67% and i have gained an amazing 31 lbs in just 61 days...and the strength and the muscle gains still persist ...i am making more gains using your program in a few months than i did for the last 4 years of my bodybuilding career...your program quadrupled my gains while slashing the time taken to gain all this mass" "This is breathtaking to the say the least, i don't know why and how it works(even though you explained it to me)...but heck 10lbs in just 20 days ....this is just amazing"
Trevor Smith, Oakton, VA

"You have started a revolution in the bodybuilding world, this is the equivalent of inventing a tractor to tend the fields in a world where we still use man power to tend the field ...i am changing the look of my back, my arms , my chest, my shoulders and even my stubborn calves with amazing speed and consistency!...not only have i gained 19.8 lbs of muscle in a 13 week period but i have also added a muscularity and hardness that in all my 10 years of working out i have never been able to are definitely the pioneer of a new bodybuilding age.."
Mark Richmond, Lucedale, MS

"It took me a while to admit to the powerful effects of this system, for weeks i saw a steady increase in weight and strength increases, then one day friends and family just started giving me double takes and commenting on my was then i knew whole heartedly that this system works beyond belief...this system has allowed me to gain 23 solid pounds (not fat) in just 45 days .before this i never believed this was possible...but now i stand as living proof that with the right training technology anything is possible ..i recommend this system with all my heart....get this system , follow it and i promise you will be shocked at the huge results you get ....nothing comes close..not even would be foolish to let this opportunity pass you by! Get it and Grow massive!"
Ben Lamerant, Camp Verde, AZ

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